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Francis' Blog

End of Semester - 5.1.15  

So as the semester comes to a close, all Brothers are excited and nervous for the future.

To our graduating Brothers:

Congratulations! Graduation is finally here! I Thank You for your Service. You have exemplified our Fraternity in all that you have done and all that you will do. Always remember, the Brotherhood is always here to help. You've made lifelong friends and Brothers.

To our Brothers that will be returning in the Fall:
Congratulations! Another year closer to your goal! You'll be returning in the Fall to a new year. Some of you will be taking on new Leadership opportunities in our Fraternity and in your Colleges. But all of you will be the future of our Fraternity, make this Fraternity the better for it.


I also take this opportunity to announce that Alpha Gamma Eta at the University of Vermont has been selected to host the Section 94/96 Conclave in Spring 2016.


Thank you Brothers for all that you do! Have a safe, happy, and productive Summer break.


See you in the Fall.


Yours in Leadership, Friendship, and Service,

Francis Brandon 

Section 94 Chair

Alpha Phi Omega 


Something New - 4.16.15 

So it begins. This is going to be a busy 3 weeks with 5 chapter visits planned.

I already visited Theta Zeta which I posted about on the Section Facebook page. 4 more visits to go.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. I haven't been this excited for road trips since I graduated in 2007.

I like to report out what you all are doing, so feel free to contact me any time with what your chapter is up to.

I'm not much for written word, so I'll kind of end things here for now. Keep your eyes open for new and exciting things as I hear about them.

Enjoy the remainder of your semester and I'll see you on the road.



Lisa's Blog

Here We Go! - 9.3.13

The semester is in full force, and I'm *so* excited started! I missed the chapters so much over the summer. But Section 94 never takes a break! We had brothers attend Membership University, held a summer baseball fellowship, and had staff members attend Thingamajig and the Section Staff Meeting. It was a very eventful summer full of good stuff. 

I've learned a lot over the past year.  Part of what made me a great chair is the great staff I have around me. And I promise to use that staff to the fullest. I love being involved with the chapters, but it's not good for me to do it by myself. The next few months will be stressful as my family and I deal with some personal things. But I promise you I will give unselfishly of whatever time and energy I can come up with, to provide the best service to all of the brothers (and new pledges!) of the Section. 

We got this! Keep calm and serve on!



It's That Time of Year... - 3.25.13

....When all of our chapters are having ceremonies and conferences and banquets. It's tough to keep up sometimes! I am going to do my very best to get to each and every event that's going on in the Section (and there are a lot of them!)

The Section is in great shape right now. I am very pleased with the L, F, & S that is going on up here! At Conclave last weekend, I was amazed to see how brothers from all 94 & 96 chapters were so cooperative and open to each other. A potentially disastrous situation could have erupted, but cooler heads prevailed and everybody was able to come away stronger. Thank you to all of our voting delegates, who sacrificed their lunch hour serving our Sections.

Service calls went *really* well! I even had somebody mention that they had 'too much' service and not enough brothers to handle it all! What a problem to have :-) The sheer number of projects our chapters take on, and the organizations they work with, really impressed me. We are out there, in our communities, painting houses, welcoming our troops back home, cleaning up our towns...I love bragging about our chapters and how we're overflowing with service and kindness!

We're going to begin the process of implementing our Section policies, so be on the look out for those! Brothers interested in helping can email me ( and we'll get this thing going. 

Thanks again for being the greatest group of people in the world. Alpha Phi Omega, bound by a single tie. May Section 94 ever stand united!




Convention Recovery - 1.5.13

Wow. That's about all I can say. National Convention in Anaheim, CA was certainly and experience I will never forget.

Section 94 was proudly represented by 4 chapters, and also by the Region 1 Alumni Voting Delegate. For being the furthest section away from the Convention (geographically speaking), this was an amazing turnout. Those of you who could not attend, I definitely understand. My wallet took quite a hit, but I can promise you, it was well worth it.

While the Convention is assembled to conduct fraternity business, I hope that everyone enjoyed the social aspect as well. With Disneyland literally across the street from our hotel, as well as many other attractions and businesses, there was no lack of things to do. And no matter how many of these I attend, I always meet new and interesting people.

There was even some new swag at the APO Store. If there's ever anything you want, you can visit and order anything off the site. And I'm friends with the owner, so if you ever have troubles, just let me know and I'll straighten him out ;-) Use the code SHIPFOR6 now until January 31st, and your entire order will ship for just $6. So get together with a group of people from your chapter and order a whole bunch at once!

Ok, Jordan, that was your plug.

But seriously, I can go on for pages about how great Convention was. But it's now 2013 and we're on to new and exciting adventures. At Spring "UConnClave" in March, our chapters will be in the position to elect a Section Chair. I'd like to state here officially that I am interested in serving Section 94 for another term. However, please go out and seek candidates that you feel might be a good fit for the job. If anyone is interested in running, I would be more than happy to speak with them about the job and what it entails. This semester is sure to bring wonderful service to New England, and I am so happy to be a part of it, in any capacity.

Wishing all of the chapters good luck for a successful rush in Spring of 2013!

In L, F, & S,




Wrapping things up - 11.30.12

Wow...has it really flown by this quickly? My first semester as chair has been crazy! But of course, you know I wouldn't have it any other way.

Conclave was *great* and I thank everyone who was able to make it to Portland! We still have t-shirts available, so if you didn't get one, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll get one out to you for $10. Sadly, there is no leftover glassware.

APO Tax Day has come and gone, with most chapters in Section 94 reporting everything on time. I really hope I don't have to stand in Judy's 'Trouble Line' at Convention, and that all of the chapters get things caught up soon!

I am happy to announce that we are in the process of starting another interest group at the University of Southern Maine in Portland. Some current brothers have transferred there, and miss APO *so much* that they decided to start a chapter of their own! At this point, it looks very promising.

I just really hope that the chapters of Section 94 realize how amazing they are. I could not have gotten through this semester without everybody's help. I can't wait to see everyone at Convention in Anaheim!

In L, F, & S Always,


A Hectic Start - 9.11.12

Well, the semester has begun and we're all getting settled back into our fall routine. I hope that you are all have successful recruitment and welcoming some new pledges to APO. 

I am very excited that the registration for Conclave has begun! If you haven't registered yet, visit the home page and download the registration packet. I hope to get a big turnout before Convention!

I have to thank Kara Wood and Bre Peters, because without them, there is no way this Conclave would happen. They have put a ton of time and effort into the preparation and I cannot let it go unappreciated!

Best of luck to all the chapters across Section 94 and Region 1. See you at Conclave!!

L, F, & S,


New Beginnings - 8.25.12

Another semester is nearly upon us. Along with it, comes new adventures and new potential. This will be my first full semester as Section Chair, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous! I hope that I can provide the chapters of Section 94 with the leadership and guidance that they expect of me. I want these 3 states to come together as a unified team and show the rest of the country that the northeast corner is a force to be reckoned with!

Today, the staff of Section 94 gets together for lunch, to share ideas and spread fellowship. I really hope that we, too, can come together as a strong team and show that we're just as strong and unified as any staff in the country.

I have high hopes for the upcoming year. I might be a bit nervous and scared, but I'm also excited and ready to take on the world!

Always in L, F, & S,


Meeting of the Minds - Sexy 6 2012 - 6.30.12

First of all, I have to mention the weather, because that's the thing to do. It's so hot outside! If you're doing any sort of service or outside work, make sure you stay safe and hydrated!

This weekend, the Section Chairs of Region 1 are getting together to go over ALL things APO! With 4 new chairs on staff, it has been a great session of sharing ideas and goals. I have learned a lot of things from everyone here, and I can't wait to bring some of it back to Section 94. I really hope that this is going to be a fun abnd productive year! 

So here's the deal. I don't know what you want from me, and from the staff, if you don't tell me! Please call, write, e-mail, owl, text, or personally deliver anything that you think is important for me to know. Or not. Even if it's not so important, maybe I want to know it anyways :-)

It has been a fun and wacky weekend and I am so glad to have such wonderful people to work with. Staff, don't forget about Thingamajig (Staff Training Weekend) on July 23rd in Stamford, CT. Also, we will be having a Section Staff meeting in Portland, ME on August 25th at 1PM. Bring your questions, ideas, gripes, anything! 

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and I can't wait until the start of the semester!

Yours always in L, F, & S,

Deadlines Approaching! 4.28.12

Hello brothers!

 With the end of the year coming up on us quickly, I don't want you to forget these Alpha Phi Omega 'to-do's'

1. Apply for the 2012 Friendship & Retention Grant (Yay for free money!)
2. Apply for the John Mack Scholarship (More free money!)
3. Turn in your Spring Youth Service Day reports
4. File your CAPS report (if you held it this semester)
5. Send in all dues and paperwork for newly initiated brothers
6. Give your nominations for the Fall Pledge Class Namesake Honoree
7. Think about your summer APO opportunities, including SERVE and Membership Academy
8. Report your Graduating Seniors
9. Update the Officer Portal with your new executive board members

There's a lot to do before heading out for the summer...make sure you have everything in order, and contact me if you have any problems or questions.

Good luck on your final projects and exams!

Yours always in L, F, & S,


End of the Semester Note - 4.18.12


I've decided to continue the Section Chair blog that Ashlee started last year. I am honored and humbled to serve the wonderful brothers of Section 94.

The end of the semester always brings fun and fellowship to Alpha Phi Omega. Initiating new brothers, saying goodbye to graduates, banquets and ceremonies, awards and recognition...all of these things give us a sense of brotherhood before we say goodbye for the summer.

Alpha Phi Omega is lifelong and year-round. Our cardinal principles of leadership, friendship, and service help us to grow in all aspects of our lives. Once a brother, always a brother.

May the chapters of Section 94 remain strong and healthy. I will be working all summer, growing and learning, to assure that I provide my brothers with everything that they need. I am here to serve, and look forward to an amazing experience!

Yours always in Leadership, Friendship, and Service,



Ashlee's Blog

Summer Message from Section Chair

  Hi everyone,

 I hope you are enjoying your summer! 

We kicked off summer with a successful Membership Academy in Kittery Maine!  From Section 94 we had participants from Maine Maritime Academy, University of Maine-Farmington, University of New Hampshire, and Saint Anselm College.  There was also a participant from University of Vermont at the Membership Academy in the Washington DC area!  These participants learned new ideas to improve your chapter's recruitment and membership programs.  Ask them about it!

 In early July, the Region I Director Christine Topacio hosted all of the Region I Section Chairs (for Sections 94, 96, 97, 101 and 102) for a weekend-long planning session.  We developed some goals and came up with new ideas to improve the Region!  We all cannot wait to get back working with all of you in the fall!

I would like to congratulate Cassie Gaudet (from Theta Zeta, University of New Hampshire)- she has been selected by our Region I Director and then appointed by the National Fraternity as a member of the Alpha Phi Omega Student Advisory Committee and is representing all of you on this committee!   In mid-July she is flying to Kansas City for the Kick-off meeting of this committee!

 If you are missing APO over the summer, you don't have to be completely without Leadership, Friendship, and Service.  We have a Section 94 Summer Service Project and a Summer Fellowship Event planned for this summer.  Check out the "Conclave & Other Events" section on this website for the dates, locations and more information.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.  I can't wait to see all of you at these two events!

 We are already busy planning Alpha Phi Omega events for Fall 2011.  Alpha Gamma Pi at University of Maine Farmington will be hosting Section 94 Leadership Day and Kat Kent is serving as the student coordinator for this event.  Kat has been working hard to come up with activities that will engage, motivate and prepare all of you to have the best chapters ever!  We have selected workshops, roundtable topics and other activities for the day and are working on identifying workshop presenters.  To get the most up to date information about this event, check out the "Conclave & Other Events Section".

Fall 2011 Conclave has a Harry Potter Theme and will be at University of Massachusetts Amherst.  More information will be available soon!  

 Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

 In L,F,S,

 Ashlee Iber


 Summer 2011- Gas Card Challenge-

Each chapter's Guess as to Ashlee's Travel Miles for APO Activities between Spring Conclave and Membership Academy

-UMF- 1,243 miles
-St. A's- 1,500 Miles
-MMA- 1,700 miles (MMA Won)!
-UVM- 2,375 miles (Don't have anyone registered for Membership Academy, so can't win)
-NEC- 3,109 miles (Don't have anyone registered for Membership Academy, so can't win)

 March 27th (Conclave)- Burlington VT to Portsmouth NH    208 Miles

 April 1st (Relay for Life at St. A's)- Portsmouth NH to Manchester NH to Portsmouth NH  89 Miles

 April 4th (Chapter Meeting at St. A's)- Portsmouth NH to Manchester NH to Portsmouth NH 89 Miles

 April 6th (Meeting with a Staff Member)- Portsmouth NH to Durham NH to Portsmouth NH 24 Miles

 April 8th (Section 101/102 Conference)- Drove from Portsmouth NH to Portland ME airport, Airplane from Portland ME to Newark NJ, Drove to Rider University, Back to Newark, Airplane from Newark to Portland 806 Miles

 April 10th (CAPS at NEC)- Portland ME to Henniker NH to Portsmouth NH   196 Miles

 April 14th (Meeting with Staff Member)- Beverly MA to Andover MA to Portsmouth NH 61 Miles

 April 16th (Relay for Life at UNH)- Portsmouth NH to Durham NH to Portsmouth NH 24 Miles

 April 17th (CAPS at St. A's)- Portsmouth NH to Manchester NH to Portsmouth NH 89 Miles

 April 21st (Initiation/Elections at UVM)- Portsmouth NH to Burlington VT to Portsmouth NH 416 Miles

 April 29th (Meeting with Staff Member)- Beverly MA to Cambridge MA to Beverly MA 53 Miles

 April 29th (Initiation at St. A's)- Portsmouth NH to Manchester NH to Portsmouth NH 89 Miles

 May 1st (Initiation/Banquet at UNH)- Portsmouth NH to Durham NH to Portsmouth NH 24 Miles

 May 6th (Banquet at UMF)- Portsmouth NH to Farmington ME to Portsmouth NH 250 Miles

 May 11th (Senior Dinner/UNH)- Portsmouth NH to Epping NH to Portsmouth NH 48 Miles

 May 14th (Staff Training Event)- Portsmouth NH to Newmarket NH to Portsmouth NH 31 Miles

June 3 (Membership Academy)- Portsmouth NH to Kittery ME 3 Miles


Anticipated Miles 2500 Exactly-

Since NEC and UVM don't have anyone registered for Membership Academy, they can't win.

Thus, MMA wins the gas card!


Section Chair Blog- Spring 2011

April 1, 2011

Thank you to the chapters of Section 94 for electing me your Section Chair for the next year.  I am both honored and excited to serve you in this role.  Please let me know if your chapter has any specific expectations of either myself or Section 94 Staff in general. Expressed Expectations are more likely to be met.  I am working on solidifying Section Staff roles and will continue to do so throughout the next couple of months.  All new staff positions will be posted on the website under "staff", but you should assume all existing staff members are still in their roles unless you hear otherwise.  I am also working to update this website.  I would like to update the blog at least monthly, to share information and experiences with all of you.

April 2, 2011

Last night I was honored to join the Alpha Zeta Sigma chapter at Saint Anselm College at the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event on their campus in Manchester, NH.  Relay has always been one of my favorite service projects, I was on the Relay Planning Committee at UNH for two years and was even an American Cancer Society employee at one point.  Needless to say, I was very excited to attend.  A few things stuck in my mind during my drive home.  One, was how proud and glad I was that three Alpha Phi Omega members were able to represent their chapter on the Planning Committee.  It is such as rewarding experience I am glad they have had the opportunity to experience.  Two, I was amazed at how much participation there was by the entire campus community.  The over 600 (an estimate) participants included students, faculty, staff, Deans, and even the Monks!  There were also family and friends like myself and Section 94 Staff Member Mike Dow there to participate.  I was overwhelmed by the participation at Relay on this small campus and really experienced the "only at St. A's" family culture I have heard so much about.  It was a great night and it got me even more excited to the visits I have scheduled with chapters over the next 5 weeks. 

 April 16, 2011

Today I was able to spend some time with the Theta Zeta Chapter at University of New Hampshire at Relay for Life.  The Theta Zeta Chapter had 72 participants in Relay and walks each year in memory of their former advisor John Grossi. 

 If you haven't heard of Grossi before, this is an important story to hear.  John pledged at WPI and lived outside of Boston, went on to be Section 94 chair for several years and then serve for 5 years as Theta Zeta's beloved advisor.  He was well known for being an outstanding brother and friend, as well as going out of his way to attend every brother and executive board meeting at UNH and drive brothers to service projects and conferences.  In March of 2004, John lost his battle with cancer.  UNH walks in his memory each April at Relay for Life and also has a chapter award called "Brother Cup" in his honor.  As a National Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega's Man Mile Award at the National Convention (number of brothers x number of miles traveled= your chapter's score) is now named after him (since the 2004 National Convention in Denver CO).  Although I never had a chance to meet Grossi, I keep the story I have heard so many times in my mind and heart as I strive to be a better brother.  I hope you all will too.  

April 17, 2011

This afternoon I went to the second CAPS I attended this semester ( at Saint Anselm College/Alpha Zeta Sigma and New England College/Alpha Zeta Chi).  Many of you are probably aware of CAPS (Chapter Assessment and Planning Session) and have likely participated in one at your chapter.  It is a great opportunity to look at the successes and challenges of a chapter and plan for the future.  If your chapter did not have a chance to complete a CAPS this April/May, I suggest you have one at the beginning of Fall Semester when everyone returns in September.  

 April 21, 2011

Tonight I had the honor of attending the Alpha Gamma Eta chapter's initiation ceremony and elections at the University of Vermont.   In addition to welcoming three new brothers, I was very impressed by the election process the chapter has been using for years.  For each position, after speeches and before voting, the other chapter members discussed the options as a group.  It was an incredibly thoughtful process that helped members understand the options and make decisions based upon a number of options.  Each candidate's leadership development, year in school, and strengths were considered thoroughly before the brothers voted.  It was a great process to observe and I hope we can all learn from UVM to take elections seriously with great consideration.  

 April 29, 2011

Tonight I visited the Alpha Zeta Sigma Chapter as they had their Initiation Ceremony for 2 new brothers and a BBQ at their advisors house afterwards.  The executive members performed a great ceremony that went very smoothly and demonstrated to the new brothers how meaningful the ceremony really is.  

May 1, 2011

Today I visited the Theta Zeta Chapter at UNH at their Semesterly Banquet.  It was clear that all of the brothers and pledges were greatly looking forward to the event, which included initiation ceremony, big/little gifts and presentation of brother names, awarding Service Award, Brother Award, Distinguished Service Key and Brother Cup Awards, presentation of Nibble gifts and Senior Gifts, a Senior Slide Show, distribution of the newsletter, as well as lovely brunch.  The chapter really spends a lot of time on celebrating everything great about APO during the Banquet each semester and it provides something for everyone to look forward to even if you aren't a pledge, a pledge's big, or an executive board member.